What are KuCoin Fee Rates?

Fee rates are one of the main factors users thoroughly consider to when choosing a cryptocurrency exchange. KuCoin is among the leading crypto exchange platforms in the industry, and the company is known to offer some of the lowest trading fees on the market. This article provides a comprehensive review of KuCoin commissions. An important fact is that users can significantly cut their KuCoin fees if they know about the key features of the exchange.

KuCoin fee rates depend on several factors, including:

  • the user’s status: a maker or a taker;
  • the usage of the exchange’s native token KCS, where the minimum amount of KCS coins held over the last 30 days is taken into account;
  • the cryptocurrency class. Cryptocurrency classes are divided into 3 levels based on popularity: A, B, and C. You can find out which class a given asset belongs to in the "Trading Fees" section. By clicking on this section, a new page will appear, showing a full overview of all commission rates for different types of trading and cryptocurrency classes:

The token class on Kucoin

  • the client’s level. Kucoin employs a multi-level approach toward fee rates, where a client’s status is divided into 13 levels, with new users starting with a LV0.

Basic fee rates (Level 0):

LV0 level Spot Futures
Maker (uses limit orders) 0.1% 0.02%
Taker (uses market orders) 0.1% 0.06%

By fulfilling certain criteria established for each status, a user can transit to a higher level, which allows them to reduce their trading commissions. Users with the highest level also receive rewards for providing market liquidity.

Let's take a closer look at the commission fee in different cases.

Kucoin spot trading fees

Fee rates on the spot market for Class A cryptocurrencies:

Class A

Fee rates on the spot market for Class B cryptocurrencies:

Class B fee

Fee rates on the spot market for Class C cryptocurrencies:

Class C fee

The above tables represent 4 key levels:

  • LV0 – a basic level for all new users.
  • LV5 – maker trading fees reduce to 0%.
  • LV8 – the exchange begins to pay rewards to market makers.
  • LV12 – the highest VIP status with significant privileges.

KuCoin futures trading fees

Only Class A trading pairs are available for futures trading on KuCoin. Therefore, the fee rate will depend on your status as a maker/taker and your VIP level.

Levels on KuCoin

KuCoin futures trading fees

Deposit and withdrawal fees

Like most cryptocurrency exchanges, KuCoin doesn't charge any fees for deposits, making it an extremely user-friendly and convenient crypto trading platform.

The withdrawal fees are determined based on the type of cryptocurrency and network involved in conducting the transaction. The exchange’s website has the "Deposit/Withdrawal" section where you can find the desired token in the necessary network and view the fee rates:

Deposit and withdraw fee rates on KuCoin

However, the commission percentage varies depending on network congestion and may change in real time. To see the actual fee rate, go to the "Asset Overview" section and click on "Withdraw."

How to see fee rate in real time on Kucoin

Next, in the withdrawal form, you need to specify the coin, network, recipient address, and amount of coins to be withdrawn. By entering this data, you will eventually see the actual fee rate to be paid for a given transaction in real time.

Network comission in real time

Note, if you are sending assets to another KuCoin user, you will not have to pay any transaction fees.

Kucoin user withdraw

How Can You Reduce Kucoin Trading Fees?

There are several ways allowing you to make a dramatic trimming of your trading commissions on the KuCoin exchange.

1️⃣ The first one is entering a referral code when registering on the exchange. By doing so, you will get a 20% discount on trading fees.

2️⃣ The second way is to become the platform’s VIP client. This VIP program includes a 12-level system, where each level has its own predetermined monthly trading volume or amount of KCS tokens. The higher level the trader achieves, the smaller commission they pay for transactions.

3️⃣ Another great option to reduce fee rates on KuCoin is to hold KCS tokens – the exchange’s native currency.

The KuCoin Token holders have two major advantages:

  1. Bonus KCS. It is a reward system for owners of the native token of the exchange. By having at least 6 KCS in their account, users can be eligible for daily distribution of the exchange's revenue from trading fees.
  2. 20% discount on all trading fees for spot and margin trading when using KCS tokens to pay the fees.

All you need to do is purchase the KCS token. For this, you need to find the "Pay Fees with KCS" feature in your user profile and enable it:

Pay fees with KCS

After enabling this feature, a 20% discount will be active. In the future, your trading fee will be lower than that of other traders.

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