KuCoin Exchange Review

24h volume
Min deposit:
Spot: Taker=0.1%, Maker=0.1%, Derivatives: Taker=0.02%, Maker=0.06%
About the company
Michael Gan and Top Lan
Hong Kong
  • Low trading fees
  • An ability to trade through API
  • Bonuses for new users
  • A proprietary Web3 wallet
  • KuCard debit card
  • A unique trading platform and user interface
  • It allows for earning additional income from a referral and partner program
  • Long response from customer support

According to many authoritative resources, KuCoin consistently ranks among the top 5 best cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, so users should definitely pay attention to this platform.

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Where is the KuCoin exchange registered, and who owns it?

KuCoin was established in August 2017 in Hong Kong, but Michael Gan and Top Lan had the idea of creating a cryptocurrency exchange as early as 2013. Later, Eric Jing joined them. In 2020, Johnny Lyu was appointed as CEO.

In 2024, the KuCoin exchange is registered in the Seychelles, while its headquarters are located in Hong Kong. The exchange is owned by the company KuCoin Global, which is a legal entity registered in the Seychelles. KuCoin Global is the owner and operator of the KuCoin platform.


Currently, this cryptocurrency exchange operates in 208 countries, while its customer base exceeds 27 million users. More than 760 tokens and coins are listed on the exchanges as of now.

Kucoin exchange

The exchange has its own token – KCS. Users and holders of KCS receive rewards in the form of low trading fees and airdrops.

Where is KuCoin not available?

Although KuCoin does not require identity verification, the USA residents will be rejected when completing a KYC procedure.

KuCoin’s official website and mobile app

The application and website are localized in 21 languages, allowing international users to easily register, access their accounts, and start trading cryptocurrencies.

🖥 The official domain of the platform is kucoin.com. The website has a user-friendly interface and offers various tools for asset trading and management.

📱 The mobile application is available on Android and iOS. The KYC process can be seamlessly completed through the mobile app, if necessary, while a person has access to their account at any time and in any place. Mobile app users can perform all the main activates available on the website, including making deposits and withdrawals, placing orders, and viewing current market data.

What are KuCoin features?

KuCoin is a feature-rich platform, offering its users plentiful tools and solutions for the ultimate crypto trading experience, including:

✅ Spot trading (it is a standard form of trading where a person uses their own assets).

✅ Margin trading (this trading type allows you to engage in margin trading using borrowed funds.).

✅ Staking (it is a process of locking and holding distinct cryptocurrencies on your account for a fixed time and receiving a reward when the locking period is over).

✅ Crypto Lending (this allows you to lend out your crypto to earn interest).

✅ P2P (it is an ability to trade assets with other users on the same exchange platform).

✅ Wonderland (it is an interactive NFT launch platform for crypto and traditional games).

✅ Spotlight (it is a token launch platform).

✅ Halo Wallet (it is a Web3 wallet).

✅ KuCoin Shares (it is the exchange’s token that grants you with trading fee discounts, additional bonuses, rewards, and an ability to participate in airdrops).

✅ API interface (it is access to public and private APIs for developers, allowing them to create trading robots and integrate the KuCoin platform into third-party applications).

✅ KuCard Visa (it is a regular plastic debit card that allows you to spend crypto like fiat all over the world. KuCard Visa is currently available to customers in 24 countries. However, the list of supported regions is constantly growing, and you can keep track of the updates on the exchange’s official website).

As we can see, the selection of trading tools is extensive, but does the exchange meet the highest safety standards?

Is KuCoin safe for its customers?

KuCoin is a safe cryptocurrency exchange because it does not block user accounts. Although the platform was partially hacked in 2020, the stolen funds were fully returned to the clients because the company takes its reputation truly seriously. Anyway, storing cryptocurrency on exchanges is a bad practice, and the collapse of FTX is a vivid example of that. Online exchanges should only be used for buying, selling, depositing, and withdrawing cryptocurrency. It is better to use non-custodial wallets to store cryptocurrencies, where only you can have access to your funds.

The company regularly performs audits of its reserves and publishes reports online.

Kucoin financial reserves

If you have chosen KuCoin to start trading cryptocurrencies, then you should get acquainted with available deposit options.

How can you make a deposit?

After the Silvergate Bank collapse, many cryptocurrency exchanges faced problems with deposits in fiat currency. However, there are still ways to deposit funds in national currency.

On KuCoin, you can make a deposit using the following methods:

  • Cryptocurrency. To deposit funds using cryptocurrency, you need to go to the "Main Account" section, click on "Deposit" in the left corner, choose the coin for transfer, and specify the network. An address will appear where you can send the cryptocurrency. Please note that when sending coins, the network and the token itself must correspond to the received ones.

Deposit kucoin on cryptocurrency

  • P2P (crypto and fiat). P2P is a way to send assets between individuals. However, this deposit method does not guarantee the arrival of assets. A cryptocurrency exchange may facilitate a P2P transition by acting as an escrow service, thus guaranteeing the credit of a deposit. This way, you can buy USDT, BTC, ETH, USDC, or KCS for fiat currencies.

Kucoin p2p deposit

  • Third-Party. By using external services like Apple Pay, Banxa, or Simplex, you can purchase cryptocurrency.

Top-up third-party Kucoin

  • Fiat deposit. This deposit scheme only works for the Brazil currency – BRL.

Like other exchanges, KuCoin does not charge a commission for depositing funds, but what about the withdrawal fee?

What are withdrawal and trading fees?

Fee rates on this exchange platform depend on several factors, such as:

  • user status: maker or taker;
  • cryptocurrency class, where Class A are the most popular assets; Class B are less popular assets; Class C are rare assets;
  • user level, where a person’s trading volume for the last 30 days is taken into account;
  • the presence of KCS holdings on a user account.

Basic fee rates (Level 0):

LV0 level Spot Futures
Maker (uses limit orders) 0.1% 0.02%
Taker (uses market orders) 0.1% 0.06%

The information on trading fees for other levels is presented below:

Kucoin's fee


As we can see, KuCoin is suitable for both professional traders and beginners. The vast selection of trading pairs will please those who trade rare coins. The platform operates seamlessly and without failures.

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