MEXC referral code for sign up

Active in July 2024

The MEXC operates in 180 countries all over the world, and it is hugely trusted by traders and investors alike thanks to its moderate fees, useful features, and high security. The exchange is also known to host a plethora of different marketing events, including launchpads, airdrops, and welcome rewards. Users can access all of this right after registering with the platform; yet, to enhance a personal benefit, new customers can use a referral code that enables one to qualify for additional bonuses.  

Get MEXc bonus

The referral invitation code gives the following:

๐ŸŽ 1 000 USDT for completing tasks

๐ŸŽ A no-deposit bonus

The rewards will become available after meeting the below-mentioned requirements:

โœ… Create an account. Users can register with the platform either via the company’s official website or mobile app for Android or iOS. After entering the platform, a user needs to head to the «Sign Up» section. This will bring up a new form where a user can choose to enter their email or mobile phone number. Next, it is necessary to create a password and remember it, as it will be required to log in later. Then, the user should click on the «Referral Code» section and enter a valid code. For the year 2024, the working referral code for MEXC is «128ZRE». The user finalizes the registration by clicking on «Sign Up».

Valid MEXC referral code 2024

โœ… KYC. To receive bonuses, a user must verify their identity. To do this, a person should click on the profile icon, select «Identification» from the dropdown menu, then press «Verify» next to «Primary KYC». A page will open where one needs to fill in all the empty fields and attach a photo of their ID Card.


โœ… Bonuses. A user can find active tasks to receive bonuses by clicking on «Wallets», then «Overview», and then «All events». Active tasks will be displayed.

get $1000 on MEXC

How to complete tasks?

For example, there is a task where a person needs to transfer 300 USDT to the futures balance. To do so, MEXC will reward a person with 10 dollars for trading. Everything is very simple, and to prove this, we made a deposit of 300 USDT to the spot account, and then transferred the funds to the futures account. Within 1 hour, the exchange credited us with 10 USDT.

mexc global futures bonus

If bonus funds have not arrived in a timely manner, a person can claim them manually by clicking on «claim». The funds will be credited to their account within a couple of minutes.

claim promo bonus

Please note that these bonus funds cannot be withdrawn directly, but they must be used on a futures account. If a person manages to earn profits, then exactly these profits can be withdrawn or traded further.

How to get a no-deposit bonus?

On the MEXC, there is a section called «Referral», where one can find a referral link and a special code. By using these tools, a person can invite traders and investors to the platform. For this, exchange will:

๐Ÿ”ฅ pay both the new user and the inviting party $5 if KYC is completed and the trading volume on futures exceeds $10,000;

๐Ÿ”ฅ reward the inviting party with a 50% commission on the trading volume of the invited user.

For example, a new user registered with our invitation code and completed a trading volume of more than $10k. In this case, they can request a bonus on their personal account.

New tasks

Next, we switched to futures trading and bought the HFT token with 10× leverage, hoping that the coin would increase in price.

Bought hft

As we can see, MEXC generously rewards its new clients. It is worth noting that bonuses should be regarded as an opportunity to get accustomed to the mechanics of futures trading, rather than a way to earn money.