OKX referral code for signing up

Active in July 2024

OKX referral code is a unique code that can be used when registering on the OKX cryptocurrency exchange to receive additional bonuses at the start. Thus, a new user has the opportunity to carry out more profitable transactions with minimal investment.

Get OKX bonus


Register on OKX using the referral link

All ways to create an account on the OKX exchange using a referral code to get its benefits:

✅ Go to OKK and create an account by entering your email or phone number. Reward – secret prizes with rewards of up to 50 USDT in popular currencies.

✅ Go to OKX and create an account in the same way. Reward – 20% discount on trading commissions + secret prizes.

✅ Go to the official website of the exchange okx.com, click “Registration” and manually enter the code - 83680134 for prizes or tg2024 for cashback.

✅ Download the OKX application to your phone (Android, iOS), click “Registration” and manually enter the code - 83680134 for prizes or tg2024 for cashback.

To make a deposit and start trading, you will need to complete identity verification.

Bonuses for registering using a referral code or link

As of May 2024, the bonus program includes Secret prizes that are awarded when completing certain tasks after registration.

✅ Complete identity verification within the first 7 days after creating your account.

✅ Purchase of cryptocurrency or deposit a minimum of 50 USDT within the first 14 days after creating an account (p2p does not count).

In both cases, the secret prize is received by both the inviter and the inviter.

Each prize contains a reward in top cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) worth up to 50 USDT. The prize may also contain a discount card.

Conditions for receiving and using prizes

A few things to consider when using the OKX referral code:

✅ You can view secret prizes both in the exchange application and on the website, but can only be opened in the application (“Rewards Center” -> “Bonus for a new user.”)

✅ The period within which you must open the gift is 30 days, otherwise it will be lost.

✅ Subaccounts do not participate in the bonus program.


What is the OKX exchange referral code?

- A special code that must be specified when registering an account on the exchange in order to receive benefits in the future.

Where can I get the OKX referral code?

- You can use the code 83680134 to receive a cash prize after registration, or tg2024 to receive cashback from trading commissions.

What are the benefits of using a referral code on OKX?

- Depending on the selected code, discount on trading commissions, and Secret Prizes, there is an opportunity to receive two Secret Prizes, each worth up to 50 USDT in cryptocurrency.

Are the prizes for the OKX exchange referral code valid for a limited period?

- Yes, the gift must be opened within 30 days of receipt.

Is it possible to enter a ref. code after registration, “retroactively”?

- No. Exclusively at the time of registration.


The OKX exchange referral code is an opportunity for new users to receive additional benefits when registering. Depending on the code chosen, participants can take advantage of discounts on trading fees or receive Secret Prizes, each of which can be worth up to 50 USDT in cryptocurrency. However, it is important to remember that in order to activate these bonuses, the code must be entered directly at the time of creating an account, since entering the code after registration is completed is not possible.