Bitget referral code for signing up

Active in July 2024

The Bitget referral code allows you to invite other users to join the Bitget platform, resulting in both the referral and the code owner receiving rewards. To receive rewards, certain conditions must be met, such as depositing fiat funds or achieving specified trading volumes. Verification is required in order to participate in the program.

Get Bitget bonus

The referral code for registering on Bitget is CYEHZ8B3. You can use it to receive rewards up to 1620 USDT.

Referral code CYEHZ8B3 – for 10% cashback on spot and futures commissions.

Instructions - how to apply the Bitget referral code:


  • Go to the official Bitget website or install the official mobile app for iOS/Android.

  • Begin the account registration process by filling out the required form fields.

  • Enter the referral code CYEHZ8B3 in the special field when filling out.

  • Complete the registration process by following the instructions on the website or app.

  • Complete the verification procedure on the platform to become a member of the program and have the opportunity to earn rewards.

  • Fund your account with a net deposit of at least 200 USDT within the first 15 days of registration to receive your starter bonus.

  • Reach a total trading volume of 500 USDT or 25,000 USDT to receive additional rewards and the Mystery Box.

  • Use vouchers and Mystery Box within 7 days of receipt.

How to use referral code when registering on Bitget

There are three ways to use the Bitget referral code to receive bonuses:

✅ Use the referral link, which automatically activates the code at the time of registration.

✅ Enter the code CYEHZ8B3 on the Bitget website when filling out the registration form. In the special “Referral Code” field, insert the appropriate combination of symbols.

✅ Apply referral code CYEHZ8B3 in the Bitget mobile application during account creation.

You can download and install the official application for iOS or Android devices.

Rewards for registering using a referral link or Bitget code


By registering on the Bitget exchange using a referral code or link, the referral becomes entitled to rewards and bonuses:

✅ When you make a net deposit of at least 200 USDT within the first 15 days after registration, you will receive a reward of 5 USDT in the form of a coupon and a Mystery Box worth up to 100 USDT. This is a starting bonus that will allow you to start trading with additional funds.

✅ When the total trading volume reaches 500 USDT - a reward of 5 USDT in the form of a coupon and a Mystery Box worth up to 500 USDT. A good opportunity for active traders to increase their income and gain additional benefits.

✅ When the total trading volume reaches 25,000 USDT - a reward of 15 USDT in the form of a coupon and a Mystery Box worth up to 1,000 USDT. Will significantly increase trading capital and provide opportunities for further development on the platform.

The first task involves different ways to replenish your account: crypto deposits, fiat payments, card payments, P2P and payments through partner services.

If the referral code CYEHZ8B3 is used, the referral additionally receives a 10% discount on all commissions on the spot and futures market.

The Mystery Box may contain USDT rewards, futures trading bonuses, or 50% spot trading commission coupons. Please note that vouchers and Mystery Box must be redeemed within 7 days of receipt.


What is a Bitget referral code?

CYEHZ8B3 - this is a combination of symbols used to invite new users to the platform. By using it during registration, both the new user and the owner of the code can receive rewards.

Where can I get a referral code to register on Bitget?

Receive from a current Bitget user who is already participating in the referral program. Promocode CYEHZ8B3, it can be used when registering to receive rewards.

What are the benefits of using a referral code when registering on Bitget?

Eligible to receive various rewards such as USDT coupons, Mystery Box with the opportunity to win up to 1000 USDT, and other benefits.

What conditions must be met to receive rewards for using the Bitget referral code?

This could be making a net deposit of a certain amount, achieving a given trading volume. You must complete the tasks within a limited time - 15 days.

Where can I use Bitget referral code to get bonuses?

By entering it on the Bitget website or in the Bitget mobile application during the account creation process. You can also follow the referral link, and the code will be inserted automatically.


The Bitget referral code is useful for new and current users of the exchange - its use opens up access to pleasant bonuses for both parties. To receive these rewards, you must fulfill certain conditions, such as making a deposit or achieving a given trading volume within a limited time. The Bitget referral program is a proven way not only to expand the user community and strengthen mutually beneficial relationships between participants.