BingX referral code for signing up

Active in July 2024

The BingX referral code is a unique set of symbols for each user of the BingX crypto exchange, which allows him to attract new clients to the crypto exchange. As a result, both parties – the inviter and the invitee – receive benefits.

Referral code for registering on BingX, allowing you to get 10% cashback when trading spot and futures - CBB4DF

Referral code that allows you to get a 10% discount when trading perpetual contracts – FZ78ELBK

Get BingX bonus


What incentives and benefits can you get if you register on the BingX exchange using a referral code or link. First of all, these are discounts on trading commissions or receiving cashback when trading.

Instructions - how to apply the BingX referral code:

    • Open the official BingX website or launch the mobile application.
    • Proceed to the process of registering a new exchange account.
    • During registration, pay attention to the “Referral code (optional)” field.
    • Enter one of the following referral codes depending on what benefits you want to receive:
      FZ78ELBK to activate 10% cashback on spot and futures trading; FZ78ELBK if you prefer to
      receive a 10% discount on commission on open-ended contracts.
    • Make sure the code is entered correctly and complete the registration process.
    • After successful registration, we recommend visiting the Rewards Center on the BingX
      platform. Here you will find various tasks and promotions, the completion of which will
      allow you to receive additional welcome bonuses and increase your trading opportunities.

Join BingX via referral link

To register on the BingX platform and receive benefits, you can use one of two referral codes:

✅ Enter code CBB4DF on the website or app during registration to receive 10% cashback on spot and futures trading.

✅ Use code FZ78ELBK for 10% off commission on perpetual contracts.

The following methods are available for this:

✅ Follow the referral link, which will automatically apply the code upon registration.

✅ Enter the selected code on the BingX website when filling out the registration form. Find the field for entering the ref code and enter one of the proposed combinations.

✅ Enter the selected referral code in the BingX mobile application during registration. Install the official application for iOS or Android.

BingX rewards for registering with a referral link or code

BingX is a leading cryptocurrency trading platform that offers a wide range of financial instruments, including spot and futures markets. To make trading more profitable, BingX offers a number of bonuses and rewards for users.

Referral code CBB4DF allows new users to get 10% cashback when trading on the spot and futures market. This is an opportunity to save on commissions and increase your profit level.

Referral code FZ78ELBK provides a 10% discount on commissions on perpetual contracts. This code is suitable for those who are actively involved in futures trading and want to minimize commission costs.

In addition, BingX offers a bonus program for new users that allows you to earn up to 5,000 USDT for completing various tasks on the platform. This program includes:

✅ Registration bonuses.

✅ Deposit bonuses.

✅ Bonuses for trading, etc.


What is a BingX referral code?

This is a unique combination of symbols provided to crypto exchange users to attract new clients, bringing benefits to both the inviter and the invitee.

What are the benefits of using a referral code when registering on BingX?

Allows you to get cashback or a discount on commissions, reducing costs and increasing profits from trading.

Which BingX referral code should I use to get cashback on the spot and futures market?

To get 10% cashback use code CBB4DF.

What code allows me to get a discount on commissions on perpetual contracts on BingX?

To receive a 10% discount, you must use the combination FZ78ELBK.

Where can I apply my referral code to register on BingX?

Either by clicking on the referral link or manually entering it on the official website or BingX mobile app during the registration process.

What bonuses are available to new BingX users after registering using a referral code?

New users can earn up to 5,000 USDT for completing various tasks on the platform, including registration bonuses, deposits and trading.

Can I use more than one referral code when registering on BingX?

No, only one code to activate certain benefits.


The BingX referral program offers favorable conditions for both new and existing users of the crypto exchange. Using a referral code when registering allows you to receive cashback on the spot and futures market, as well as a discount on commissions on perpetual contracts, which makes trading more profitable. The use of a referral code or link contributes to the growth and strengthening of the cryptocurrency community using this platform, and thereby stimulates its development.