Binance referral code for signing up

Active in July 2024

The Binance cryptocurrency exchange is a leader in popularity and trading volume among both spot and futures exchanges. This is due to the large selection of supported currencies, the wide functionality of the platform, and the active activity of Binance in social networks. However, the exchange also attracts users with opportunities to save on commissions - they can be reduced to almost zero if certain conditions are met and the required ID is used when registering. Code RLJJS5RV for maximum 20% cashback from Binance.

Get Binance bonus

Key Findings:

    • The Binance cryptocurrency exchange offers various discounts and bonuses to attract users.

    • The base commission on the spot market is 0.1% for the maker and 0.1% for the taker. On futures – 0.02% for the maker and 0.04% for the taker.

    • The code RLJJS5RV , if entered upon registration, provides a lifetime maximum cashback of 20% on the spot market.

    • The code N7EQCYMM , if entered when opening a futures wallet, gives you 10% cashback on futures for 30 days.

    • Additionally, you can reduce the commission by 25% by holding BNB tokens in your account or reaching a certain trading volume in 30 days.

    • Using all of the above, the futures market can reduce fees to zero.

How to Use Binance Referral ID

At the time of registration of a new user, the exchange asks you to enter, in addition to basic data, a referral ID code - this is an optional field. The code may be specified automatically if you followed a referral link.

Spot market ID code for 20% cashback

The RLJJS5RV code (or follow the link) that we offer will entitle you to a lifetime maximum discount on spot market trading - fees for buying and selling assets will be reduced by 20%.

Binance Futures ID Code for 10% Cashback

Plus, use the code N7EQCYMM (or follow the link) to get a 10% discount on futures trading - but only for 30 days.

How to change ID code

What should you do if you went to Binance and clicked “Register”, and there is already a code there, but not the one you need? You may have followed the wrong referral link. As an example, if you write “Binance” in a search engine, then in addition to the main site, you will see advertisements. They all contain referral links. You need to take a closer look at what source you are coming from.

It is also possible that not now, but previously, you followed a referral link. The browser remembers this.

How to solve a problem:

    1. Close the exchange window, open it again, but using a new link with the required code. Be sure to check if the code in the ID field has changed.

    2. If it hasn't changed, you can try clearing Cookies in your browser.

    3. You can also open Binance in another browser and register through it as needed. Subsequently, you will be able to log in to the exchange in your usual browser, the discount will work.

How to use an ID code for an existing account

If you are already registered in the spot market, you can still use the code for a discount on futures trading. The corresponding window appears when you first go to the futures section. If you have already switched to it before and did not use the window, then this opportunity will no longer be available.

You also cannot apply a referral ID to an existing Binance account. In this case, your only option is to create a new account to receive benefits from the inviting member.

Commission level when using Ref ID

Basic commission rate without ID code

The base fee on Binance for a new user who has not used a referral link or ID and BNB code is:

✅ Spot market: 0.1% for maker, 0.1% for taker.

✅ Futures Market (USD(S)-M): 0.02% for maker, 0.04% for taker.

Makers are the creators of limit orders that shape the market - their orders are added to the order book. The taker, in turn, is the creator of a market order - with his order he closes one of the makers' orders. The maker fee is usually slightly lower, which is designed to incentivize market participants.

Commission for using ID code and BNB tokens

Additionally, you can reduce the fee by 25% by holding Binance Coin (BNB) in your account or reaching a certain trading volume. The option to pay commissions using BNB is enabled in your personal account settings by default. All you have to do is buy BNB and hold it in your account.

Commission when using the ID code (RLJJS5RV for spot and for N7EQCYMM futures), which entitles you to the maximum discount (cashback) and BNB tokens for the entry-level VIP-0:

✅ Spot market: 0.06% for maker, 0.06% for taker.

✅ Futures market (USD(S)-M): 0.0162% for maker, 0.0324% for taker. Valid for 30 days.

For the spot market, the initial trading commission is reduced by 40% (25% Discount and 20% Cashback).

For the futures market, the initial trading fee is reduced by 19% (10% Discount and 10% Cashback).

The higher the BNB or trading volume, the higher the VIP level rises and the lower the commission becomes.

How to trade on Binance without commission

Binance commissions for the spot market:

Binance fees for the futures market:

Taking into account all possible bonuses and discounts, you can trade on the spot market with a minimum commission of 0.012% for the maker and 0.024% for the taker.

In the futures market, you can reduce fees to zero (for a maker) and up to 0.0153% (for a taker) using BNB tokens (at least 11,000 tokens on balance), trading volume of more than 750,000 BTC in 30 days, and a referral discount of 10 % valid for a month.

Thus, it will not be possible to trade spot without commission, regardless of the account level and discounts applied. However, with futures it is possible.


What is a referral ID on Binance?

A code that you can enter when registering on the exchange to provide yourself with a lifetime discount on trading commissions. Entering it is not required for registration, but we strongly recommend using a ref ID to save money.

What does the Binance referral ID do?

Discount on spot and futures trading.

What is the ID code for the maximum 20% cashback from Binance?

Code id RLJJS5RV gives a maximum of 20% cashback on Binance.

How long is the referral ID code valid for?

For all life

What is the ID code for the Binance Futures platform?

Binance Futures referral code is N7EQCYMM. Valid for 1 month.

Is it possible to trade on Binance without commission and how to reduce the commission on Binance?

You cannot trade on the spot market without commission. You can reduce the commission by using a referral ID, BNB tokens and increasing trading volume.

You can trade commission-free on the Binance Futures futures platform. Zero fee is available for VIP-9 level maker. To do this, you need to have a trading volume over the last 30 days of 750,000 BTC and 11,000 BNB.

Is it possible to enter a referral Binance after registration?

No. Only at the time of account creation.

What does the Binance referral link give?

A link is an analogue of a code, but when you click on it, the required code is already entered automatically. There is no difference in terms of benefits.

Where can I find my Binance referral link?

In the “Referral Program” section on the exchange. There you can also familiarize yourself with the conditions for inviters, your reference rate of deductions, etc.

How to earn money using Binance referral link?

It is necessary to actively promote your link, while referrals must be as interested, loyal, and focused on trading as possible, otherwise there will be no point in their registrations. The methods can be free or paid, the latter work more efficiently.

What are the disadvantages of registering using the Binance referral link?

There are no downsides - both the inviter and the invitee receive only advantages from such cooperation.


The commissions that the Binance cryptocurrency exchange charges from users are among the most loyal on the market. And what’s even more pleasant is that there are different ways to reduce it by 5-10 times and even reduce it to zero. The level of commissions is affected by: the referral ID used during registration, the number of Binance Coin (BNB) tokens on the balance, and the trading volume for the month. The most effective traders and hodlers have excellent savings opportunities. But even if you're not a heavy user, you can still save 20% on spot market fees by simply using the code RLJJS5RV when you sign up.