Htx Exchange Review

24h volume
Min deposit:
Spot: Taker=0.2%, Maker=0.2%, Derivatives: Taker=0.05%, Maker=0.02%
About the company
Justin Sun
  • One of the top cryptocurrency trading platforms in the world.

  • A large selection of crypto assets, as well as new, promising coins.

  • Excellent functionality.

  • There are margin trading and futures.

  • OTC trading and p2p.

  • You can trade without going through verification.

  • Client funds are stored in “cold wallets” that have a multi-signature signature.

  • Mobile applications available for Android and iOS.

  • Profitable affiliate program (referral reward of 30%).

  • Good defense.

  • Supports several world languages.

  • Adequate commission level.

  • Own token.

  • Ways of passive income.

  • Some sections are only available in English and Chinese.

  • Some currencies have high withdrawal minimums.

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Exchange HTX (ex. Huobi) 2024: registration, login, trading, input and output, reviews

HTX (ex. Huobi Global, Huobi) is an exchange for buying, selling, cryptocurrencies, tokens and fiat. It was founded in 2013 in Singapore and within a short period of time managed to become one of the most actively developing cryptocurrency platforms in the world.

HTX. Exchange officials explained that in the new name, the "H" stands for Huobi, the "T" stands for the TRON token, and the "X" stands for the exchange.

Key Findings

  • HTX (ex. Huobi) is a large crypto exchange founded in 2013. Supports many top cryptocurrencies and several interface languages.

  • The platform offers spot, margin, futures and options trading, as well as p2p.

  • HTX (ex. Huobi) does not require mandatory verification. The withdrawal limit without verification is 5 BTC per 24 hours.

  • The site provides many bonuses for new and old clients.

  • The exchange has its own HT token (Huobi Token), with which you can receive benefits, including discounts on commissions.

  • Basic trading commission on spot: 0.2%; special conditions for VIP levels.

Features of the HTX exchange (ex. Huobi)

Key features of the HTX crypto exchange (ex. Huobi):

✅ Support for many languages of the world allows the HTX exchange (ex. Huobi) to receive a large number of clients almost every day.

✅ The resource allows you to buy both top cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, XRP) and new, promising cryptocoins.

✅ Huobi Exchange has its own HT token (Huobi Token).
✅ It is not necessary to undergo verification on the exchange. You can trade without it (with some restrictions), and this fact is also one of the important advantages of the site.

✅ There is both classic trading of digital assets and margin trading, as well as futures and options.

✅ It is possible to connect trading using specialized automatic programs (bots). Anyone can find instructions on setting up the API on GitHub, where the page of the trading platform developers is presented.

✅ There is a compensation fund, thanks to which investors do not have to worry that as a result of an exchange hack and theft of cryptocurrency, their funds will be lost forever. The Fund will pay out the lost money in accordance with the rules of the trading platform.

✅ The resource is focused on users and is actively developing in several directions at once: priority is given to both the Asian region and the countries of Eastern and Western Europe, where the HTX company (ex. Huobi) opens offices and representative offices.

✅ Thanks to the presence of a developed loyalty program, clients of the HTX exchange (ex. Huobi) can receive additional income by using the referral program and earning 30% of all trading operations of partners.

✅ The web platform has an incubator, Huobi DeFi Labs, which allows the exchange to invest in promising startups in the field of decentralized finance and revolutionary blockchain projects.

✅ The level of security is at the highest level: there is the ability to connect SMS authorization during the transition to the exchange, the ability to link an email address to an account, as well as activate Google Authenticator.

✅ The funds of the majority of Huobi exchange clients (about 98%) are maximally protected, because they are located in "cold wallets" that have a multi-signature.

Registration on the Huobi website

Go to the official website of HTX and find the "Sign up" button:

It is possible to register on the official website of the HTX exchange (ex. Huobi) either by phone or using an email address. You must select the desired option and fill out the registration form.

When registering, you must provide the following information:

✅ Email or mobile number.

✅ Password (and repeat).

✅ Invitation code (if available).

Next, you should activate your account by following the link in the letter or entering the code that will be sent to your phone.

To log into your personal account, go to the official website of HTX (ex. Huobi) and click "Login".

Then enter your registration information.


Verification on the Huobi crypto platform allows you to increase the amount of cryptocurrency withdrawn from the site (initially, you can withdraw no more than 5 BTC per day), increase the limits of p2p transactions (without verification - up to $999 in total) and open access to some functions. To go through the procedure of confirming the identity of an investor or trader, you must go to the "Verification" section and select the "Personal Verification" optionIn the table you must enter:

In the table you must enter:

  1. Citizenship.

  2. Passport or driver's license number (or other official identification document).

  3. Name.

  4. Last name.

You should upload a photo of your ID and wait for all the data to be verified.

Setting up account security

Huobi Exchange allows you to increase your account security. To do this, you need to go to the "Account and Security" section in your Profile.

The user has the opportunity to activate the following functions:

✅ Synchronize your account with your email address.
✅ Set up SMS authorization.
✅ Activate Google Authenticator.

Also, to increase the security of your account, you can go through the identity verification procedure.

Main sections of the official website of HTX (ex. Huobi)

On the left side of the Huobi website:

  • Buy cryptocurrency - purchase using a bank card or p2p.

  • Market (review of cryptocurrencies).

  • Spot trading (as well as margin, trading bot, OTC services).

  • Futures (futures and options trading).

  • Finance (passive income tools).

  • Training (information section).

  • Rewards Center (bonuses for active users).

On the right side of the official HTX website (ex. Huobi):

  • Balance (section for replenishing an account, withdrawing funds, etc.).

  • Orders (active and completed orders for spot, futures trading).

  • User profile (verification, personal settings and much more).

  • Notifications.

  • Links to mobile applications.

  • Change of interface language and main fiat currency.

At the bottom of the site there are links to the sections "Commission", "Digital Assets" "Downloading the Application", "User Agreement" and etc.

How to deposit/withdraw funds from the exchange

You can top up your account with cryptocurrency from the HTX exchange (ex. Huobi) in the "Spot account (deposit and withdrawal)", section. The link to the section is in the "Balance", tab.

To replenish your account you need to perform several actions:

✅ Select the desired asset.
✅ Click on the "Deposit" button on the right.
✅ Click "Send Deposit Address" to receive the address.
✅ Copy cryptocurrency address.
✅ Transfer funds to the specified address from another crypto wallet.

Another way to deposit cryptocurrency into your account is to buy it using a bank card.

To do this, go to the "Buy cryptocurrency" → "Quick buy/sell" section. Enter the currency to be given and received, select the payment method. It depends on the specific fiat currency and the country from which the payment is made.

You can also withdraw cryptocurrency from the spot wallet section. Algorithm:

✅ First you need to choose a coin.
✅ Click on the "Withdraw" button.
✅ Copy and paste the output address.
✅ Specify the amount.
✅ Take into account the commission and make a withdrawal.

After this, wait until the transaction receives the required number of network confirmations and the coins are credited to your account. Funds are generally withdrawn from Huobi very quickly.

Exchange trading

The link to the main trading section of the HTX exchange (ex. Huobi) is called "Spot Trading".

The trading terminal page can be divided into several parts (for a better understanding of the process):

✅ On the left are the main markets (USDT, HUSD, BTC, ETH, HT).

✅ In the middle, a chart of the price movement of the asset is displayed, all the tools and indicators necessary for trading cryptocurrency are available here (Japanese candlesticks, empty lines, etc.), you can select the interval of price movement, select the desired indicator (Bollinger Bands, MACD, Balance Volume and etc.) and change the screen type from the standard version to the full version; There is also the option to view the market depth.

✅ The digital value of the change in the price of an asset, located above the chart (current value of the asset, percentage change, low point of the price for 24 hours, highest point, volumes per day).

✅ On the right side there are trading books for buying and selling cryptocurrency (green - buy, red — sell).

✅ Under the price movement chart, there is a Buy and Sell form.

✅ Open orders can be seen under the form above.

✅ The order history is located at the very bottom of the HTX (ex. Huobi) website page.

To buy an asset, you should follow these steps:

✅ Select a currency pair.

✅ Select order type.

✅ Enter the purchase price (if necessary). Used in limit orders.
✅ Enter the desired amount of the asset.
✅ Click on the purchase button.

The buy order will be sent to the trading book on the right, after which you just need to wait until
buy is found. This only applies to limit orders. Markets are executed instantly.

The algorithm for selling cryptocurrency on the Huobi exchange is the same, only in this case you need to click on "Sell" and wait for a buyer to appear.

Margin trading

The HTX exchange (ex. Huobi) provides margin trading ("Spot Trading" → "Margin").

Traders can borrow borrowed funds from the platform to trade "short" (for a decrease in the price of an asset) and "long" (for an increase in price).

To start trading in the "Margin" section, you need to follow these steps:

✅ Go to the "Margin" section in the "Balance" tab.

✅ Select a currency pair to trade short or long.

✅ Top up your margin account (the "Transfer" button) and confirm the operation.

✅ Go to the margin trading page (at the top of the site dashboard).

✅ Select a trading option depending on (short or long).

If the price of an asset goes up during the specified period of time, and if the trader has chosen "long", the transaction is considered successful and can be closed. The user returns the borrowed funds to the Huobi exchange, and puts the interest from the transaction in his pocket.

If we are talking about lowering the price ("shorts"), then if the price falls, such a transaction is considered successful for the trader. He closes the order, also returns the borrowed money to the platform and receives a profit in the form of interest.

But if in neither the first nor the second case the trader guesses the direction of the asset price movement, then he loses money.

Futures trading

The Huobi Exchange is also very popular for futures trading (section "Futures", then you need to select "Coin-margin" or "USDT-margin" contracts). A separate large platform, HTX Futures, provides all the necessary functionality for contract trading.

✅ Transfer funds to the contract account in the same way as you did with the margin account ("Balance" → "Contract Account").

✅ On the left side of the screen, select the futures you want to trade.

✅ Set your leverage – levels up to 125x are supported. The higher the leverage, the higher the risk. Beginners are recommended to start with a 5x leverage.

✅ Create an order - limit or its variants, trigger, stop limit. They have additional terms and conditions.

A list of open and executed orders is at the bottom of the screen.

Trading commission

You can find out the trading commissions of the HTX exchange (ex. Huobi) by going to the desired section, the link to which is at the bottom of the official website.

Basic commissions are as follows:

✅ Spot market — 0.2%.
✅ Futures – 0.02 - 0.05%.

There is an opportunity to reduce commission payments by purchasing VIP status.

Huobi Token

An ERC-20 token that has the stock ticker HT and is the commercial currency of the HTX crypto exchange (ex. Huobi).

Huobi Token is the basis for the functioning of the Chinese trading platform ecosystem and is primarily intended for paying commissions for trading operations.

The price of a token depends on many factors, primarily on liquidity and on the total number of HT coins that are regularly "burned" in order to ensure a deflationary model for the development of a digital asset.

A total of 500 million HT tokens have been issued. As of December 2022, there are more than 130 million in circulation.

Additional platform features

HTX Earn

The section makes it possible to earn money without effort by investing unused cryptocurrency in the proposed investment plans and projects.

There are several investment options, for example:

✅ Staking + ETH2 staking.
✅ Primepool - airdrops.
✅ Polkadot slot auctions.
✅ Deposits with flexible or fixed term.

There is also a crypto loan tool.

Trading bot

HTX (ex. Huobi) is supported by many third-party trading bot service providers, but it also has its own trading automation tool.

The trader needs to set the parameters according to which trading orders will be automatically created:

✅ The price range in which the bot will operate.
✅ Grid density (order frequency)
✅ Odds and price spread between each grid boundary
✅ Trigger price, stop loss/take profit price.

Beginners can, instead of developing their own strategy, copy someone else’s from among the leaders in grid trading.

p2p market

A p2p marketplace that allows you to buy and sell some popular cryptocurrencies and stablecoins for fiat money, trading with other similar users.

Supported cryptocurrencies:

✅ Bitcoin
✅ Ethereum
✅ Litecoin
✅ Ripple
✅ Tether USDT
✅ Huobi Token

Payment for the application is made without the participation of the exchange, to the account or card specified by the seller.


What is HTX (ex. Huobi)?
An exchange for trading cryptocurrencies, passive investing and other aspects of working with digital assets.

Is HTX (ex. Huobi) a centralized or decentralized exchange?
Centralized. All operations are under the control of the company, and it also stores user assets in its accounts.

Where is HTX (ex. Huobi) registered?
Legal registration in the Seychelles.

Is futures trading available on HTX (ex. Huobi)?
Yes. There are derivatives USDT-M and COIN-M, as well as options.

What types of trading does the exchange support?
Spot, margin, futures, options, p2p. For trading, verification is required if you plan to use fiat. The help section contains detailed instructions on all types of trading.

What are the trading fees on Huobi?
Spot market - 0.2%. Futures – 0.02 - 0.05%. These are basic commissions that can be reduced by gaining VIP levels.

How many cryptocurrencies are listed on the exchange?
565+ cryptocurrencies and almost 1000 trading pairs.

What year was the platform founded?
In 2013. Founders: Leon Lee, Du Jun.

How to register on HTX (ex. Huobi)?
By clicking on the "Sign up" button on the website or application, you can create an account using email or phone.

Is verification required on HTX (ex. Huobi)?
It is not required for most functions. Completing it increases the limit on withdrawals and the volume of trading operations, and helps protect your account.
Without verification, the withdrawal limit is 5 BTC within 24 hours.

Is p2p trading available on HTX (ex. Huobi)?
Yes, in the "Buy cryptocurrency" → "P2P" section.

What cryptocurrencies are available for trading on HTX (ex. Huobi)?
More than 600 different crypto assets for trading, including the most popular and new tokens.

What coins can be bought and sold via HTX P2P?
Tether USD, USDD, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, Huobi Token. A 0.7% commission is charged to the ad creator.

How to transfer money to HTX (ex. Huobi) from a bank card?
There is such an opportunity (Buy cryptocurrency → Quick buy/sell), but you need to see if it is available in your country.

Where can I see my cryptocurrency wallet address?
In the Assets section → Spot → the desired cryptocurrency → Deposit. Remember to choose a network for those tokens that operate on several different blockchains.

Is there a demo on HTX (ex. Huobi)?
No, there is no demo account.

What is HTX Earn?
This is a section that contains investment tools - here you can invest money in a suitable option, and then receive regular passive income.

What is Huobi Token?
Native cryptocurrency of the exchange. The Huobi token brings various benefits to its holders, such as discounts on trading fees.

From which countries and regions is it prohibited to work with Huobi?
Cuba, Democratic Republic of the Congo, North Korea, Iran, Libya, Somalia, South Sudan, Yemen, Syria and a number of other sanctioned countries.

How to get a welcome bonus for registering on HTX (ex. Huobi)?
The latest information is on the exchange in the Activity → Rewards Center section, since the volume of bonuses and the conditions for receiving them often change.

How does support work?
In the lower left corner of the website there is a Customer Service Center where you can contact. To contact a person, select any question and then click "Support".

Does HTX have an API?
Yes, that’s why it is possible to connect third-party trading bots to the exchange. However, the platform also has its own boron.

How to get an HTX card?
The product has just been announced and details are unknown. But we must assume that after launch the card will be available only to users from the EEA, as is usually the case with card products of crypto exchanges.

What is the minimum deposit on HTX (ex. Huobi)?
Depends on the selected asset. Please pay attention to the minimum deposit requirements for each cryptocurrency when making a deposit, as an amount less than the minimum will not be credited to the account.

What is Huobi Global?
Until November 22, 2022, this was the name of the platform brand, but from that date it was changed to simply Huobi. In 2023, the Huobi crypto exchange changed its name to HTX.

Is Huobi a scam and a scam?
This is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of liquidity, trading volume, and traffic. Operating since 2013. In 2022, the HTX crypto exchange (ex. Huobi) disclosed the balance data of hot and cold wallets (Proof of Reserves). The exchange has never been hacked.

What should I do if the Huobi website does not open?
Try different browsers and VPNs (the site may be blocked by your ISP). If the site does not work for reasons on the part of the exchange, there will be a notice about this on social networks.

Does HTX (ex. Huobi) have a mobile app?
Yes, for Android and iOS.

What are the reviews about HTX (ex. Huobi)?
Variety. Despite the fact that the exchange successfully serves millions of clients, you can find reviews from those whose experience was unsuccessful. This is usually due to account blocking or problems with withdrawal of funds. In any case, you need to understand that this is a centralized platform that should not be used as the main wallet for storing your coins.


The HTX crypto exchange (ex. Huobi) is actively expanding and developing regional markets, striving to become leaders in the crypto market and gradually increasing capitalization, concluding new partnerships and opening representative offices in many countries around the world.

Expanding the partner network, opening representative offices in other countries, opening a derivatives exchange on the main platform, increasing the liquidity of digital assets on the site, provide an incentive for the development of both the HTX exchange itself (ex. Huobi) and its commercial token HT. The platform is developing in accordance with the business philosophy of high-tech Asian companies, demonstrating incredible indicators of increasing capitalization and coverage of financial markets around the world.

The presence of its own commercial token HT (Huobi Token), used both to pay for trading operations on the exchange and as an investment instrument for small, medium, but most importantly for large investors, sets the exchange apart from other market players.

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