Exchange Bitget (Bitget) 2024 – registration, login to the site, input, output, commissions, trading

24h volume
Min deposit:
Spot: Taker=0.1%, Maker=0.1%, Derivatives: Taker=0.06%, Maker=0.02%
About the company
Sandra Lu

● Large selection of trading pairs.
● Low commissions + discounts for BGB owners.
● Copy trading.
● Internal transfer to another user without commission.
● Convenient Russified interface (including help in Russian).
● High rating on CoinGecko.
● There are applications for mobile devices and PC.
● Licenses from the USA, Canada, Australia.
● Demo account.
● Cash bonuses to pay commissions.


● Technical support in Russian is not available on the site.
● Unfinished mobile applications (crashes, advertising).

Bitget is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange offering functionality for COIN-M and USDT-M futures trading, demo trading, spot trading and copy trading. In addition, there is a Launchpad platform where the rules are slightly different from those applied on Binance or Bybit. Your own BGB token provides advantages on the exchange, expands opportunities for copy trading, and will soon allow you to earn passive income of up to 40% per annum. Bitget is the official partner of the Juventus football club.

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The Bitget exchange offers a variety of rewards and bonuses 🎁, which are credited for completing certain tasks in the Reward Center. Tasks are divided into daily ones and those that have a limited completion period. Received bonuses can be exchanged for USDT or coupons.


  • You can register on the Bitget exchange using your phone number or email address.

  • Create a complex password. To confirm, you will receive a code by phone or email that you must enter to complete registration.

  • You can immediately go to the «Details» → «Rewards» section to complete several tasks and receive a total of up to $158 to pay commissions. The tasks include passing verification, making a deposit, making the first transaction, and using copy trading. The first $5 bonus for registration is given immediately.

Bitget Verification

The user can trade without verification, but with restrictions:

✅ You cannot buy cryptocurrency with a card.

✅ There is a withdrawal limit of 0.1 BTC per day.

✅ Some features and bonuses are not available.

Verification is a standard KYC check, where you need to submit your passport or other ID details for verification and confirm your country of residence.

To start verification, hover over the profile icon and select the «Verification» menu item.

Click «Pass verification» and follow the instructions:

✅ Select your country.

✅ Enter your first and last name in English.

✅ Select the type of document: driver’s license, international passport or other document.

✅ Enter the document number.

✅ Upload the required photo documents. If verification occurs from your phone, you can immediately use the camera directly from the application. The maximum file size is 2 MB.

✅ Also take a selfie holding a document and a piece of paper with the word Bitget and the current date in your hands.

✅ Submit the data and wait until the verification is completed.

Top up your account

A cryptocurrency deposit on BitGet can be made through the «Wallet» - «Deposit» section.

Select the desired coin using the drop-down list.

Please ensure that the correct blockchain is selected (for cryptocurrencies operating on multiple networks).

Copy the wallet address generated by the system and transfer funds to it (you can use the QR code when transferring from your mobile phone).

It is possible to purchase digital assets from a card from almost any bank.

To do this, open the Buy «Cryptocurrency» section. Select fiat currency for payment, enter the amount you are willing to pay. Select the cryptocurrency to receive and the payment method from the available ones (it is recommended to use one of the first four options):

✅ Visa

✅ Mastercard

✅ Google Pay

✅ Apple Pay

✅ PayNow


✅ PromtPay

✅ InstaPay


✅ GoJek

✅ Viettel Pay

✅ DuitNow

✅ PayID

Below are the payment service providers that will process the transaction. The user needs to select the appropriate option and pay for the purchase using the chosen method. The purchased coins will be credited to your exchange account within 5-10 minutes.

Withdrawal of funds

You can withdraw assets from Bitget only in cryptocurrency - to an external wallet or by internal transfer.

Go to the «Wallet» → «Withdrawal» section. There will be two subsections inside. In the first one, you can transfer cryptocurrency to any third-party wallet, indicating its address and amount, taking into account the established limits.

The second section allows you to transfer assets to another exchange user - to do this you need to know his data, e-mail, user ID or phone number.

Internal transfer is carried out without commission.


Spot trading

BitGet offers the following types of orders for spot trading:

✅ Limit order. You can specify in the application the desired price of the asset, upon reaching which the operation will be completed.

✅ Market (selected from the drop-down list in the order creation block, on the «limit order» tab). Only the quantity of assets being bought or sold is indicated, and the transaction is completed at the same time at the market price.

✅ Trigger order. An order type with a preset order price and a specific execution condition. When the market price reaches the trigger, an order will be placed at the specified price. A trigger order allows you to set the buy and sell price in advance to automatically record profits or losses.

The trading terminal is standard and clear - in the center there is a graph of price dynamics, on the left you can select the desired trading pair, on the right there is an order book, where you can switch to displaying the transaction history if necessary. Below the chart is the order creation section.

When creating a limit order, you can select its additional parameters:

  • GTC (valid until canceled)

  • Post Only (guarantees that the limit order will not coincide with an existing order)

  • IOC (execute immediately in whole or in part, or cancel)

  • FOK (execute in full or cancel).

Futures trading

In March 2021, Bitget developers implemented the feature of opening single USDT accounts for derivatives trading. A trader can choose USDT as a margin for simultaneous trading of different trading pairs, and all these contracts will have common parameters:

✅ Account balance.

✅ Losses and profits.

✅ Risk.

✅ Leverage.

The maximum leverage on the platform is 125x.

Another innovative concept is the quanto swap contract on Bitget. Implies the use of several currencies as margin for different contracts. Typically, on other exchanges, in COIN-M contracts, the margin in a particular cryptocurrency is applied only to the corresponding contracts. The new solution provides more trading opportunities and profit potential. For example, if BTC is selected as margin, you can trade ETHUSD, XRPUSD, etc., but profit/loss will be calculated in BTC. A good option for saving on exchanges.

Copy trading on Bitget

Let's move on to one of the main functions of Bitget, which is why this exchange has become so popular.

Copy trading, or social trading, is subscribing to a successful trader and repeating his trading strategy. Bitget's copy trade feature allows you to select multiple elite traders and synchronize their actions to achieve profitability.

Benefits for the subscriber:

✅ High security and transparency of all transactions.

✅ Automatic synchronization of actions with the movements of the trader, so there is no need to constantly monitor the process.

✅ The ability to intervene in the process, close and open transactions at your discretion.

✅ Intuitive interface where you can easily track your profits.

Benefits for the trader:

✅ Additional income: traders directly receive up to 10% profit from subscribers.

✅ Bitget provides elite traders with unique engagement opportunities.

The «Copy Trading» section provides a list of all elite traders. You can subscribe to anyone who has free places, paying attention to the following parameters: number of subscribers, PNL 3H (profit and loss ratio for the last three weeks), profitable trades for the last three weeks. The number of places to subscribe to a trader depends on his balance.

Please note that following a trader in no way provides a guarantee of profit. If you don’t control the process, you can lose your deposit.

Demo trading

Bitget has one of the most convenient demo account systems among all crypto exchanges.

There is no need to register a separate account or perform other unnecessary actions. Just go to the «Futures» section → «USDT-M demo» or «COIN-M demo». And you can immediately start trading virtual assets - at the start you are given 3000 SUSDT, an analogue of real USDT.

Every beginner is recommended to start with demo trading to learn the functionality of the exchange and understand how the market works.

Bitget Launchpad

Bitget Launchpad is a platform for conducting token sales of new projects. Sales are carried out in a lottery format. Only verified users are eligible to participate.

Order of conduct:

  • Participants earn lottery tickets in two ways - either by holding assets in their account or by winning them through trading in the spot and futures markets.

  • The system automatically calculates the average daily withholding amount. The amount of funds taken into account depends on the total funds in spot and futures accounts from the date of account registration.

  • At the end, the exchange will announce the winners, who will be able to purchase new tokens.

  • Members with non-winning tickets will be able to share loyalty rewards. The rewards for each participant depend on the number of their tickets.

BGB token

The Bitget exchange’s own token, BGB, has a lot of functional use cases.

Thus, BGB staking will soon be available with a yield of up to 40% per annum. It is possible to use the token as margin for a contract account, and, compared to other cryptocurrencies, it will be 15% more profitable.

Of course, holders of the native token can count on discounts on trading commissions (spot).

In addition, BGB will be used as collateral for partners who want to increase affiliate remuneration, as a tool for social interaction between copy traders and their subscribers, and many others.

Bitget Token runs on the Ethereum blockchain and has a maximum emission of 2,000,000,000 units.


Commission designations




0,0006 BTC


0,006 ETH

0,001 LTC

0,1 XRP

Basic – 0,1%

With payment in BGB – 0.08%

Maker – 0.02%

Taker – 0.06%



What are the features of the Bitget exchange?

The exchange has a convenient Russian-language interface and allows you to trade on the spot and contract markets. The main feature is copy trading. the ability to copy the strategies of successful users.

What is the official Bitget website for registration and login? The interface is available in 22 languages.

Is verification required on Bitget?

It is not required, but if you are going to make purchases with the card, participate in launchpads and other events, or want to expand withdrawal limits, then you will have to go through it.

What are Bitget's trading fees on the spot market?

Basic commission 0.2%.

Is it possible to reduce the commission on Bitget?

Spot commissions are reduced if part of them is paid in BGB tokens. The VIP level is also increased in case of high trading volumes for the month.

What types of orders are available on the Bitget exchange?

Limit, market, OCO, order trigger.

How to top up Bitget?

  1. In cryptocurrency.
  2. Through the p2p market.
  3. By purchasing from a card

How to withdraw money to a card from Bitget?

This can be done either through the built-in p2p market or through third-party exchangers.

What coins are available for purchase/sale on Bitget P2P?


Is there a demo account on Bitget?

Yes, you can trade on the contract market in demo mode. 3000 virtual USDT is given.

Does the Bitget exchange have apps?

Yes, there are applications for mobile devices and for PC.

What is Bitget coin?

It is a native BGB token that provides benefits to holders on the exchange. Can be purchased directly from Bitget and some other exchanges.

Whose exchange is Bitget?

BG Limited is registered in the Seychelles.

How to contact technical support of the Bitget exchange?

You can write to or use the online chat on the website.

What are the reviews about the Bitget exchange?

Reviews are mostly positive, especially about the copy trading function. There are few complaints about the sometimes long withdrawals, as well as below-average commissions on the spot market (0.1% for competitors). Although for a long time the exchange did not charge commissions on spot at all, thanks to which it attracted a huge audience.


Bitget is a platform that allows easy copy trading in two clicks, but this useful feature requires careful attention and is not a guarantee of profit. The concept of a quanto swap contract allows you to use one crypto asset when trading multiple contracts with leverage. The platform offers traders a large number of popular and not so popular trading pairs, and the opportunity to purchase coins from a bank card. All these parameters have led to the fact that the platform has become very popular and almost $3 billion in transactions are carried out on it every day.

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